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DOMINATOR GmbH, located in Düsseldorf, Germany is specialised in providing unparalleled high-end tactical maritime equipment and services, to the tactical equipment dealer network and Special Forces end user. Our dedicated team of ex-military personnel has many years of experience in providing high quality customer service. Our priority is to continue this whilst ensuring we provide the most advanced tactical equipment available from our partnerships with approved manufacturers.


DOMINATOR GmbH are fully committed to the highest ethical standards of retail sales and delivery of products. We remain responsible and responsive to customers through all stages of business transactions, and maintain our values of dependability even after the completion of sales.



DOMINATOR GmbH has an on going and close working relationship with many global Special Forces Units. Through this continued relationship, our working knowledge in this field allows us to actively participate in the design and development of advanced tactical equipment. This knowledge enables DOMINATOR to constantly evolve, optimise and provide the best possible products, services and solutions to our ever-growing customer base.


DOMINATOR offer end-to-end training capabilities designed to deliver operational advantages and enhance mission effectiveness. Our training solutions pedigree includes Maritime and Airborne training that can be tailored to meet all required warfare scenarios. Our team of instructors will recreate real combat situations in order to offer the trainees the opportunity to develop their skills and competences at a tempo which suits their current skill level. DOMINATOR offers customised maintenance training for many tactical products, including all items within our product portfolio.